Edinburgh History

Discover the Rich History of Bruntsfield in Edinburgh

Nestled in the heart of Scotland’s capital, the Bruntsfield area serves as a captivating gateway to Edinburgh’s vibrant history and culture. The Bruntsfield Links, an integral part of this district, holds tales from ancient times that continue to enchant both locals and visitors. A visit to this charming area should be on your itinerary to explore the historical connections.

A Glimpse into Bruntsfield’s Historical Tapestry

The Borough Muir and King James IV

Bruntsfield Links is the easterly segment of the historic Borough Muir, a significant site where King James IV reviewed his troops in 1513 before they marched to the fateful Battle of Flodden. TheBorough Muir, bestowed upon the "Magistrates, Council, and Community of the City" by David I of Scotland, once spanned from what is now theDalkeith Road area to Merchiston and southwards to the Pow Burn.

A Wild Hunting Ground and Home to Outlaws

In the early days, the Borough Muir was abundant with oak trees and inhabited by outlaws and outcasts of Edinburgh, making it a place to avoid after dark. Despite its dangers, it was also a hunting ground for Scottish nobility, where deer and wild boar roamed freely.

The Stone Quarries and Golfing Heritage

The Bruntsfield area also boasts a rich history of stone quarrying. Records mention "great stone quarries" as early as1599 when Patrick Carfrae, a deacon of the masons, received permission to dig for stones. Quarrying continued for over two centuries, contributing to the construction of Edinburgh’s historic tenements.

However, the true legacy of Bruntsfield Links lies in its golfing heritage. The Links became a cherished site for golf, with theRoyal Burgess club, founded in 1735, being one of the oldest golf clubs. Golf took precedence over various activities, even preventing Sir Walter Scott from drilling his troops on the sacred turf.

The Meadows and the City Skyline

Just a stone’s throw from Bruntsfield, the Meadows remains one of Edinburgh's most beloved open spaces. The flat, wide green expanse, set against a treescape of over 1,200 trees, offers sweeping panoramas and dramatic skyline silhouettes. This lush landscape, less than a mile fromPrinces Street, was once the Borough-Loch, a vital water source for Edinburgh’sOld Town.

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